VICE to meet you!

We are very excited to announce that we have the brilliant people from VICE on board as The Ground’s media partners from 7 - 9 July. Our favourite next-gen news and entertainment platform whose team mates always push the status quo - in their lives and in the world - will be at our festival and celebrate style & culture with us! Join us this summer at The Ground and check out the VICE pop-up world and hear their exclusive panel talk on our stage!

Today, we introduce Tim Geyer, Deputy Editor-in-Chief (DACH) of VICE who writes about drug policy, crime and social issues. With us, he talks about coffee, critics and a caring community.

What’s moving your readers right now?
Our community cares about the future, how we as a society impact the world we live in and how we can make it a better place for everyone.

Vice in 3 words?
Critical. Anti-Authoritarian. Global.

The best coffee in Berlin?
Beans from Vote, Five Elephant or Passenger prepared in my kitchen.

Which podcast are you currently listening to?
The Blindboy Podcast.

3 things you do to live more sustainably?
Eating less food that comes from faraway places, taking the bike or train when I can, not spending my money on companies that aren’t sustainable.

5 books everyone should read this summer?
"Im Grunde Gut“ („Humankind“) by Rutger Bregman, "Klartext Klima“ by Sara Schurmann, "Africa is not a country“ by Dipo Faloyin, „Drogen“ („Chasing the Scream“) by Johann Hari, „…trotzdem Ja zum Leben sagen“ („Man’s Search For Meaning“) by Viktor Frankl. 

As a journalist: which headline would a fashion story have that you’d write today?
My all time favorite fashion story has already been written by my UK colleague Oobah Butler:
I Bullshitted My Way to the Top of Paris Fashion Week (there’s also a video version of the story).

About VICE

VICE is the leading next-gen media and entertainment platform focused on women and underrepresented voices. Coming to their young readers from around the world, VICE Digital’s team strives to capture the people at the heart of stories, and focus on the ideas, issues, and context that other outlets miss.

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