Not kidding! The Meme Queen of New York Patia, from @patiasfantasyworld, will be at The Ground this week. Come witness her first ever live interview in Berlin, as she will answer questions surrounding all things social media related and so much more. The interview will be conducted by Berlin native and hilarious multi-hyphenate creative Fania. Here’s a little preview…

Your favorite meme ever? 
I don’t really have one! I always post in the moment and re-visiting them sometimes makes them less funny if I think about it more than the initial time I died laughing at it. The content I choose to post spark memories I forgot about. 

Which message would you put on a billboard hanging from the Empire State Building tomorrow?  

How does it feel to be seen, read, heard by so many people? 
I wish I could go back into hiding! I’m not self absorbed enough to enjoy the visibility right now. But at the same time, I am always grateful for the generosity and love people give me. 

Did your popularity change anything in the way you work? 
I’ve always been pretty strategic with every approach I took, but now so more than ever.

What’s your everyday motivation? 
My mom. I want to give her the world.

Do you have rituals? 
Everyday I strive to be a better version of the person I was the day before. 

Your secret recipe against a thought blockade? What do you do to get inspired? 
Whenever I feel uninspired, I just go eat a really nice meal by myself. Somehow it works!

What makes you really really mad? 

Complete: words can... humor can… fashion can… 
Words can activate. Humor can heal. Fashion can storytell.

What are you looking forward to mostly regarding The Ground? And Berlin?
My talk with Fania Folaji! I love talking! And I love talking to women I find inspiring outside of where I live (New York) because I think exchange of perspectives is crucial to understand how the world works and why. Berlin, to me, is sexy. The nightlife there is really like no other - I also appreciate how efficient everything is there… The train never comes on time here. 

Why should everyone come to The Ground?
I think it’s important to be cognizant of culture at the moment. The Ground allows you to experience so much in one setting! I grew up going to the mall and hanging out for hours. I love the idea of 100 million areas to explore all in one. 

Your soundtrack for summer? 
I’ve been less punctual lately because I listen to Rich Gang Tha Tour Part 1 on repeat while I get ready and I start thinking I’m in a music video. It’s olddddd, but it gets me going.